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Demo Video

The videos on this page demonstrate the most important functions of SkySafari, and illustrate the differences between the versions of the apps. They also show how to use SkySafari to connect with and control two common GoTo telescopes, using our SkyWire serial accessory as well as the SkyFi wireless telescope controller.

These videos are intended for new users, or anyone who wants a quick overview of our products. More experienced users may wish to consult the SkySafari Manual for a more in-depth discussion of the apps' capabilities.

Here's the Manual!

The SkySafari Manual is now on-line! The manual applies to all three versions of the app, and is included with the apps themselves, under the Help button in the toolbar.

A printable version of the manual is also available.

Yahoo! Group

Simulation Curriculum has a discussion group on Yahoo! Here, you can post questions and issues regarding SkySafari or SkyFi to the entire user group. Someone has probably asked your question before, and may be able to answer it. We monitor this discussion group as well, and we'll occasionally use it to make postings and announcements.

Anyone can read and search postings on our Yahoo! group, but you'll need a (free) Yahoo! ID to make postings. You can access the group by clicking on the link below:

Facebook Page

SkySafari now has its very own Facebook page:

Our Facebook page has a different focus than our Yahoo! group. We post Simulation Curriculum product information on Facebook, as well links to interesting space- and astronomy-related stories. Meanwhile, our Yahoo! group is geared toward product support and feedback.

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