Celestron Wi-Fi Help

SkySafari controls compatible Celestron Wi-Fi telescopes. Compatible models include NexStar Evolution and Astro Fi models with built-in Wi-Fi, and others that use Celestron's SkyQ Link accessory.

Use these settings to specify your Celestron Wi-Fi telescope preferences, including slew speeds and tracking.

You must connect to your telescope's Wi-Fi network before you can access these settings. Make sure your telescope type is set to Celestron Wi-Fi.


Tracking Rate

Go To

Simply enter the Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (Dec) coordinates to go to a specified area of sky. This is the quickest way to go to a custom object, such as a new comet or object of interest provided by a star chart or online reference.


Slew Buttons at Slow Speeds

Telescope direction can be reversed up/down and left/right to change the apparent motion of the star in the telescope's eyepiece in the three lowest slew speeds. Reverse Up and Down is default enabled so the star moves in the same direction as the direction button.

Slew Limits

Some telescopes may require limiting the altitude angle to prevent striking the mount. Altazimuth mounts default to a 70° altitude slew limit as some mounts cannot point all the way to zenith. This can be changed manually to set the best slew limit for your telescope. Note that the slew limit does not work until the telescope is aligned with the sky, or the slew limit assumes the telescope is pointing horizontally.

Software RA Limits (for EQ mounts only):


All mechanical gears have a certain amount of backlash or play between the gears. This is seen as a delay in the time it takes for the telescope to move after a direction arrow is pressed, especially when changing directions. Anti-backlash compensates for backlash by inputting a value which quickly rewinds the motors just enough to eliminate the play between gears.


Advanced settings in allow you to adjust other features on your telescope.