SkySafari Manual

This section contains a copy of the SkySafari manual. This manual is also included with the SkySafari app, under the Help section. Sometimes it's convenient to have the manual on a separate screen while you're using the app, so we've included it here as well.

This manual applies to all three versions of SkySafari 5 - basic, Plus, and Pro. The manual notes where the versions differ. Some features are only present in SkySafari Plus and Pro.

Sky Chart & Toolbar

This section describes the main Sky Chart window, and the functions of the main toolbar buttons below it. The Scope button (for telescope control) is only present in SkySafari Plus and Pro, and is described under the Scope Control section below.


A detailed guide to the many settings screens available in SkySafari. All of these settings are available under the Settings button in the main toolbar.

Scope Control

This section describes the user interface for the telescope control feature of SkySafari Plus and Pro. The Scope Control view is available in the main toolbar; the telescope communication and display settings are located in the Settings view.

Settings Files & Observing Lists

This section describes the types of files that you can generate with SkySafari. Settings files are saved and restored in the Settings view. Observing lists, found only in SkySafari Plus and Pro, are created under the Search view.

Additional Resources

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