Demo Video

The videos on this page demonstrate the most important functions of SkySafari. They also show how to use SkySafari to connect with and control two common GoTo telescopes, using our SkyWire serial accessory as well as the SkyFi wireless telescope controller.

These videos are intended for new users, or anyone who wants a quick overview of our products. More experienced users may wish to consult the SkySafari Manual for a more in-depth discussion of the apps' capabilities.

An introduction to SkySafari! How to use the app to navigate the night sky, find objects, and learn more about them.

How to simulate celestial events - specifically, a lunar eclipse - with SkySafari Lite.

This video illustrates the differences between the full and Lite versions of SkySafari.

Demonstrates how to use the SkySafari app and SkyWire accessory to control a Celestron NexStar telescope.

Demonstrates how to use the SkySafari app and SkyFi adapter to control a Meade ETX telescope from an iPhone - wirelessly!