"If you have even the slightest interest in what you can see and learn in Earth's sky, this is one of the very best iOS apps you'll ever use."

John Martellaro, The Mac Observer, December 16th, 2015

SkySafari 5 for iOS

Professional Telescope Astronomy Software - now for iOS 8+

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Accurate Simulation

Simulate the sky from anywhere on Earth, up to 10000 years in the past or future. Animate transits, conjunctions, eclipses, and other events with time controls.

Telescope Control

With our SkyFi or SkyWire, SkySafari Plus & Pro apps can point your computer-controlled telescope anywhere in the sky.

Largest Mobile Database

25,000,000+ stars, 740,000+ galaxies, and over 630,000+ solar system objects, including every comet and asteroid ever discovered.*

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Compass & Gyro Support

SkySafari can help you identify stars, planets and constellations by holding your up phone up to the sky - as you move the phone around, the sky chart follows your motion.

Educational Content

Hundreds of images from NASA space missions, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the world's foremost astrophotographers.

Precision Graphics

Computing the positions of solar system objects to sub-arcsecond precision with the latest JPL planetary ephemerides.

* Largest only available in SkySafari Pro

SkySafari 5 app icon

SkySafari 5

SkySafari 5 shows you 119,000 stars, 220 of the best-known star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the sky; including all of the Solar System's major planets and moons, and more than 500 asteroids, comets, and satellites.

 $2.99 USD

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SkySafari 5 Plus

SkySafari 5 Plus shows you 2.6 million stars, and 31,000 deep sky objects; including the entire NGC/IC catalog, and 18,000 asteroids, comets, and satellites with updatable orbits. Plus, state of the art mobile telescope control.

 $14.99 USD

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SkySafari 5 Pro

SkySafari 5 Pro includes over 27 million stars, 740,000 galaxies down to 18th magnitude, and 620,000 solar system objects; including every comet and asteroid ever discovered. Plus, state of the art mobile telescope control.

 $39.99 USD

What's New in SkySafari 5

A comparison chart for the star spotter in you!

What's New in V5
 Download Now
What's New in V5
 Download Now
What's New in V5
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Complete support for iOS 9
Apple Watch Support
Tonight at a glance
ISS & Satellite Notifications
New Look and Feel
New Sound Effects
Object List Thumbnails
Updated Object Descriptions
Social Media Share Button
Improved Sky and Horizon
Reworked Time Flow Controls
Search/Add to List Planet/Moon Feature
iCloud Synchronization
On-line repository of observing lists
Improved Night Vision Mode
Observing List "Tour Mode"
Digitized Sky Survey Viewer
Improved DSC Telescope Control
Add Barlows and Focal Reducers
Added Abell and Hickson Galaxy Clusters
Added Globular Clusters in M31
New 3D Galaxy View

Additional SkySafari 5 Comparison Charts

Because the universe is quite big!

Databases & Computation
  Download Now
Databases & Computation
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Databases & Computation
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Number of Stars
Star Magnitude Limit
Number of Deep Sky Objects
Deep Sky Magnitude Limit
Number of Planets & Moons
Number of Asteroids
Number of Comets
Number of Satellites
Planetary Position Accuracy
10" - 1'
< 0.1"
< 0.1"
Number of Horizon Panoramas
Number of Horizon Panoramas
Number of Object Descriptions
Number of Object Images
High Resolution Object Images
GCVS Variable Stars Database
Features, Graphics & Interface
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Features, Graphics & Interface USD
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Features, Graphics & Interface
  Download Now
Compass & Gyroscope Support
Computes Conjunctions, Oppositions, Eclipses, Transits
Saves, Restores, and E-Mails Settings
Imports Custom Horizon Panoramas
Updates Solar System Orbit Data
Includes Sky & Telescope SkyWeek
Wired & Wireless Telescope Control
Telescope Equipment Settings
Custom Observing Lists
Orbit Solar System Objects
Orbit Nearby Stars
Hi-Res Earth, Moon, Mars maps
Planet & Moon Surface Feature Labels
Coordinate Grids and Reference Lines
Computation Precision & Precession Settings
Date, Time, & Coordinate Format Settings
Computes Objects' Angular Separations
Alt-Azimuth ("Local Horizon") Sky Charts
Equatorial ("Star Atlas") Sky Charts
Ecliptic ("Solar System") Sky Charts
Galactic ("Milky Way") Sky Charts
Ultra-Hi-Res Moon map

Telescope Control

Industry Leading Wireless Telescope Control System

Market Leading

SkyFi, our patent-pending WiFi-to-Serial adapter, is the only WiFi device on the market specifically designed for telescope control.

Battery Powered

SkyFi is battery-powered for field use; your scope, SkyFi, and iPhone all run off batteries, or from a 12V source. It has a battery life of 8 - 12 hours under continuous use.

Easy Set Up

SkyFi requires no pairing, and no special drivers. It uses standard TCP/IP networking protocols and enables your telescope to be remotely controlled over the internet.

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Telescope Compatibility

SkyFi can wirelessly enable almost any Go-To telescope with a standard USB or RS-232 serial interface. All you need is the rs232 cable supplied by the manufacturer.

Compact Size

SkyFi is very compact, barely larger than an iPhone. It can be easily attached to your telescope's mount or tripod; a strip of double-sided Velcro is included for that purpose.

SkySafari Integration

SkySafari Plus and Pro apps, for iOS, Android and Mac OSX, are specifically designed to communicate with SkyFi and your telescope over a wireless TCP/IP connection.

Image: Celestron 8se w/ SkyFi

Wireless WiFi Telescope Control

SkyFi® is our patent-pending WiFi-to-Serial adapter, designed for wireless telescope control. If you have a computer-controlled GoTo telescope, SkyFi can use the WiFi capabilities built into your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to point your telescope in the sky.

Wired Telescope Control

SkyWire® is the simplest way to turn your iOS device into a 21st-century telescope controller. This brand-new "Made for iOS" accessory adds an RS-232 port to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch - and lets it connect directly to the serial port on your telescope.