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Adios, Oumuamua

After a short stay, our visitor has to leave.

On October 19, 2017, an astronomer at Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii discovered the first known interstellar object to visit the solar system. Using the powerful Pan-STARRS telescope, Robert Weryk found a small, elongated object roughly 1200' x 100' that was originally thought to be a comet, but was later reclassified as an asteroid.

This visitor has stirred up many areas of intrigue that have had scientists and astronomers racing to learn more as it makes an abrupt exit from our solar system. In fact, by January of 2019, the object that was just discovered near the center of the solar system in October of 2017, will have traveled all the way to Saturn's orbit...

The Blue Blood Supermoon Eclipse

Once in a Blue Blood Moon...

On January 31, 2018, skywatchers in across much of the world will receive a post-holiday gift: the total lunar eclipse of a full supermoon that is also a Blue Moon! Unlike last summer’s Great American Total Solar Eclipse, lunar eclipses are completely safe to look at because the sun is below the horizon. Any sunlight that reaches the eclipsed moon has to pass over the Earth’s horizon, turning the moon reddish with sunset light - hence the nickname “blood moon” for eclipsed moons....

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